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I’ve gotta say; there’s a reason metaphorical sayings and phrases keep their relevance through the test of time, and that’s their truths.

Taking the “snowball effect”, for example, we can apply simply observed acts of nature to almost any and all human motive. By understanding that all actions have reactions, we have a base in which we can assume said action had an initial state of small significance until first movement–or intent–is applied, and, consequently, becomes larger and more serious as it spirals downward building upon itself.

“Come again?!!”

Backtracking to a more pertinent note, I’m having a bit of a snowball effect of my own at the moment. Before we run to our doomsday shelters, however, who said we couldn’t have a good snowball effect?

So, where does this insightful introduction finally lead? I want to blame my recently snowballing success and good fortune on my positivity and desires from my last post’s happy ending, so to speak. In the recent months, I was called by my first client to re-inspire and renovate his website before high business season. Also, a new client was found in some very close friends who are taking their local home-grown, Indie rock band to the next level. Not only am I a huge fan of their music, but I’m a long time hopeful of their success. Being able to create their website to help promote their official online brand was truly an honor. We’re not done yet… The official email setting up my appointment to receive my voucher and schedule classes for my next journey of certifications finally came in! Starting October 31st, I will be attending the first classes for the Application Architect program at The Academy of South Florida.

By now, you can see where this is going. The snowball of IT work and website clientele is building as it rolls down the proverbial mountain and gets bigger and bigger, devouring all opportunity in its way. With the official confirmation for classes about a week away, I am contemplating purchasing a domain and joining the ranks of other self-employed web developers and entrepreneurs everywhere by obtaining and hosting my own portfolio domain.

Worry not – I’ll continue to blog for anyone who accidentally stumbles upon my site!

Until then, I plan on continuing my ode to joy-ous intent by creating more websites and letting my metaphorical snowball tumble downhill. Now, don’t let my many playful puns and many metaphors and aggressive alliteration fool you. I hope the severity of my desire to begin a long, accomplished career in website construction and brand marketing is not lost in translation. Therefore, I follow my own advice and keep keeping on.

Good day and good luck!