<title="Happy New Year! Success in 2017">;


Insert cliché NYE heading here;

I’m sorry, it was too easy to pass up… I love a good, nerdy heading! And on that note, let’s kick off twenty-seventeen with another long anticipated blog post! Enough distractions from holiday festivities and gluttonous sweet consumption, it’s time to focus our success. For any curious newcomers or loyal returning readers, be warned. I have a bit of catching up to do.

“Success is like a snowball… You gotta get it moving, and the more you roll in the right direction the greater it gets.”

-Steve Ferrante

Since my last post, I felt my job hunt spiraling down a mountain like an ever-growing snowball. With nothing but nature’s most honest force, gravity, rolling it down the hill, the only thing that should be wary is whatever waits at the bottom. Ironically enough, I forgot I had planned a trip to Canada to see the real thing. A five day Winter Wonderland trip like I’ve never experienced before. To change the scenery, to celebrate a new year, new possibilities and old friendships, and the 25th year of my girlfriend’s birth. Like my trip, the path was laid for my career’s inception.

Now, I bring you up to speed. If my Canada/NYE’s trip continues to foreshadow the future of my work; I can only be equally as excited. Not only was it everything I expected, but I came across challenges and obstacles that I could only instantly adjust to without letting it affect the rest of my trip. As with most challenges so many of us face, it is solely through experience of trial and error that we can hone our desires into successful goals. It would be impossible to know, to feel, to understand who we were and where we wanted to go if we did not first fall at some unforeseen, unforgiving obstacle.

Evidently enough (and y’all knew this was coming), join me in taking my cheesy headings, my trite analogies, and all four of my optimistic eyes to turn suffering and opposition and self-doubt into the best Christmas story ever told. As the clock turns towards another hour and the calendar flips into another month, let’s establish ourselves into 2017 and the dream job every college graduate wants.

Find yourself and lead yourself to success.