<title="Mission Impossible: Foot in the Door">;


“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…”

“…this post will self destruct in 5 seconds.”

You can hear the iconic theme song playing now. Impossible who?! Even James Bond himself had to watch his back! Very few movie series can say they’ve effectively shaped their genre for so many generations. It’s something to be admired. It’s something that garners respect. It’s something that was built over time. Essentially, the film franchise that inspires the industry today. So, how does this relate to my typical rough-start, happy-ending blog posts? Well, I’m glad you asked! Although, it might seem like we’re comparing apples and oranges, I think I’ve established my peculiar train of thought…

I’ve played by the rules for so long. Whether it was a passed on hand-me-down, or starting at the bottom of the totem pole in the legendary hierarchy of life. I can honestly say, I have never won any raffle prize. Not bingo. Not a lotto (who we kidding, this website wouldn’t even exist). Not even a simple fundraiser giveaway; but, I digress. These arbitrary moments give the impossible life-long task of working hard and building an empire a chance to get out of jail free! We overlook perfect examples–such as, the aforementioned Mission: Impossible series–for whatever subconscious reason fits that moment.

Today, the impossible becomes possible.

We are raised from childhood into adolescence guided by the pretense that obeying the rules and squeezing into a model citizen’s mold, we would one day lead a path of success. Being taught hope and ambition through catchy idioms or witty analogies, like getting your foot in the door, one can quickly learn its a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s learn from the experiences that have come to sculpt us.

That being said, the happy ending is here. With a whole new view on life and a few steps higher on the ladder, there is no need to go back to the drawing board. That was the precise moment I found my first real IT job! That’s right, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. The hard work has paid off, and the wait is over. As of April 3, 2017, your very own blogging web developer will be the newest member of the Mount Sinai Medical Center IT department. It didn’t really hit me until I signed my letter of resignation at Baptist Hospital and handed it over to my supervisor ex-supervisor.

But, it’s finally time to turn over a new leaf and welcome change and growth. The ball is your court now.

So! Were you following along? How many catchy idioms or witty analogies did I use to build my crusade against the impossible in another brilliantly sneaky narrative?